A Eurêka, chaque suivi est particulier, prendre le temps d’en parler est nécessaire pour assurer un accompagnement de qualité. Rencontrons-nous afin de comprendre vos besoins.


Are you looking for a professional team to listen to your needs and your children’s?

Welcome to Eureka, the Francophone tutoring center offering group homework support or individual lessons focusing on specific subjects for grades 1 to 12 as well as foreign language courses for adults and children.

[edgtf_booked_calendar calendar=”116″ calendar_title_tag=”” calendar_skin=”green” calendar_size=”small” calendar_style=”calendar” calendar_title=”In Eureka, each follow-up is special, taking time to talk about it is necessary to ensure a support of quality. Let’s meet to understand your needs.”]

Why is the Eureka so special ?

Each teacher is selected for his pedagogical qualities and his proven competences in the subjects taught.

Each student is followed up with a specific program built in cohesion with the educational team of the French high school

The center is located less than 500 meters from the French high school. Bright and equipped with necessary school material, it can easily meet the needs of students.

Our activities

Eureka has its own online course registration service. All you need is an email address and 3 minutes.


  • Group sessions | Homework support (all levels)
  • $ 7,5 hour
    • 1 to 8 hours/month: 8,75$/hour

    • 9 to 16 hours/month: 7,50$/hour

    • Unlimited sessions/month: $ 200

    • quarterly commitment

  • Private session, primary school level
  • $ 23 hour
    • Package 10hours: 230$

    • Package 20hours | $20 offered | $440

    • 30hours | $40 offered | $650

  • Private sessions- secondary school level
  • $ 25 hour
    • package 10hours: 250$

    • package 20hours | 20$,offered | 480$

    • package 30hours | 40$ offered | 710$

  • Private sessions- High school level
  • $ 25 hour
    • package 10hours: 280$

    • package 20hours | 20$,offered | 540$

    • package 30hours | 40$ offered | 800$

  • Workshops | Exam Preparation | Holidays’ Activities
  • $ 100 - 150 week
    • Workshops, exam preparations and training courses during the holidays take place over 5 days for 3 hours per day.

témoignage Parents

Dear Bruno, As we prepare to leave to settle in Ireland, we wanted to tell you how much we appreciated your weekly classes with Etienne over the past year.  The classes really helped her to visualise and process mathematics better so that she could approach the difficulties she has with this subject with more confidence. Furthermore, your classes and workshop boosted Etienne's overall confidence to project herself verbally and physically.  We particularly noticed this in her end-of-year school stage performances. Thanks again, Bruno and good luck with everything. Best regards,

Etienne, Anna and Kevin D.

témoignage Parents

Je suis très satisfait des résultats que mon fils a eu au baccalauréat et tiens a vous en remercier.

Jean-Pierre M.

témoignage Parents

Merci pour le support que vous donnez à mon fils

Pascal C. Doctor


#34A, rue 75
Phnom Penh, Kingdom of Cambodia



+855 98 584 515

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